Friday, May 22, 2009

The Growing Darkness and Price changes

Alright things have gone red alert at my work bench, the guard, while detailed and sexy are no where near done and as luck would have it I have been invited to play in an Apocalypse session this Sunday. So this is the challenge I face, I am as I type (well sort of) clipping out those fun marines from the black reach set as mentioned in the last few posts, my average is one figures every one to one and a half hours, if I don't sleep I think I can manage it. Alright you might ask why I don't just paint a few and just go with the rest un painted(though that may wind up being the case) The answer is its a challenge, and I am not just talking base color and shoulders I am talking detailed pieces in under two days.

I might be crazy but its the fun kind of crazy. As always comments, questions and death threats are always welcome.

On a more shocking but most expected note I got word in on a few things regarding the price changes in June, for legal reasons I cannot post a majority of that information but I can say we are going to be looking at an average price increase of about .25-$5 as well as a few new bits of terrain ("Shrine of The Aquila" what ever that is) the Black Reach set will also be soaring to about $75 the 5th editon rule book will also be going up to $55. Alright thats about all I heard from the mysterious gentleman in the game section that's worth mentioning.

I may as well post this while I have a spare moment, I got my second Valkyrie today, lord knows when Ill start on it but essentially this one is going to be built with the techniques and mistakes that I learned from the first one in mind, I will post pics in my next post on how that goes.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Good luck getting them ready to go! I find last minute pressure to be a great motivator. I do some of my best work that way.

  2. Thanks! I had to move half a ton of rock in my driveway this morning but now I am back on track