Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Valkyrie Day 2

Alright boys and girls if you are just getting into 40k or IG, and GW will kill me for saying this but, I do not recommend this model for new comers unless you have done allot of modeling before, now not to say outright don't get it if you want it, get it(contradicting myself the point value and coolness factor is a definite seller for me) This model by 40k standards is massive, you could strap a land raider to the bottom of this thing and be good to go, also in case your wondering, yes this thing sports a detailed interior (though as you will see mine wont be winning any golden daemons anytime soon) So if you are looking for a challenge this is it, voiding the primer fiasco I had in my garage last night this model has been a beast to piece together (and no it wont be staying black just the interior) For veterans this piece is a must, for freshman, this is a maybe, I say this only because I want people to grow into the hobby rather then out pace themselves when ever a new toy comes along. So the short and tall of it is, don't bite off more then you can chew, think about weather or not you can actually do a basic paint job on this and if you have the time to do so as with any model (even if you just painted the body green and silvered the nacelles with bolter metal) this is a power piece and you should take your time with it and add some little flourishes when you can.

Happy Painting

BH Senior Editor

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