Monday, May 18, 2009

Where I stand

Alright so a few things happened over the weekend, I got my new laptop, an HP G60t which means I am one step closer to getting the actual webcast set up, I also got in my order of Cadians, just another 10 man blister, $18 and free shipping I couldn't resist. All that aside and of course the game night with the SC Warhammer guys and my 21st birthday last Saturday its been a busy weekend, so in lue of a long wordy post I have decided to take a few snaps of my IG army in progress, its no where near complete but I thought the chance to get some close ups and actually see how much progress I have was to much to pass up. Right now progress is slowed while I wait for my orders from pig Iron to come in (and god knows when that will be) so I have filled the time with writing up my armies back story and painting the odd torso and a few surprise home brew conversions (hint it has a lot to do with bolters) Alright at this point I could go on about all the neat features this laptop has but I will spare you that, its just not proper conduct so without further delay, I present to you the pictures, enjoy.

I am also eagerly awaiting the delivery of my steel legion commissar at GK, hopefully it will be there by next weekend and with any luck my pig iron head sprues should come in next week and I can start assembling my main force. Thanks for dropping by, I hope to have more news next post.


BH Senior Editor

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  1. that Serg looks like he might come off his base pretty soon! be careful with him!
    Lookin good though, a nice start to a force