Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simple Dark Angels

Alright so I decided to do up one of the space marines in my black reach box. I have decided to go with the most classic (don't debate me on this) chapter, the Dark Angels. Alright so Ill give you a quick illustrated run through of the process.

For this project I used Dark Angel green, badab black wash and bleached bone and a Thraka Green wash all over a matte gray primer. I got a few extra paints from the GW store when I was at Oakridge today.

Base Gray matte primer

Next I applied a rough dry brushed coat of the Dark angel green

next the bleached bone and bolter metal for details and red cermacoat applied with a 003
brush on the eyes

last up everything gets a mixed coating of badab black and Tharka green to darken everything up, though the harsh light reveals a lot of the imperfections, to the naked eye this will appear as
a average piece.

Well its not a long post and I wasn't surgical with the details but this was a rough project I just decided to do. questions and comments always welcome. Next up (if I don't sell the set) the Assault Dreadnought

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