Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workspace and evening Update

So I have thus changed my workspace to suit my needs a combined 7.5 times (the half is for the time I cleaned it. So at the request of a friend I have come up with a simple layout with I will share with all of you who are just starting or want to try a new configuration. Again this is simply filler whilst I do logistics and business related work to get the actual webcast and event network that I wanted this project to be in the first place, so in the mean time bear with me while I sort everything out (mostly musicians friend screwing up my order and trying to over charge me on top of the lack of funding) So how do you groove when your in the captains chair, I love feed back from the community and in this case everyone is different to a degree.

1: Painting tile and paint selection arranged

2: Forceps stand (with magnifying glass removed)

3: Flocking and non standard paints

4: Finished minis and bitz in progress

5:Boxes and storage

Some things not obsessively labeled cause they are always moving are my drinks and glue as well as my brush selection. Before I go Ill also toss up my standard bearer WiP.

Update: I managed to get some shopping done tonight and picked up among other things the replacement for one of the studio mics lost in transit, as well as a can of Testors olive drab for the Valkyrie and some other much needed essentials.


BH Senior Editor (crew shaken)

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