Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comming Together

At this point I will remind you I am not a professional anything, well unless Irish drunken boxing is something you can be expert at (its a family tradition) but that aside I am rather happy with how the valk is coming along, its getting late but its starting to take shape and I have to say this thing comes together rather decently, and the interior is more or less done and please dont get me started on "well its not all flashy and colored blinky lights" I have been in military vehicles before and I can tell you the lights genraly dont come in more then 4 colors plus screens otherwise very spartan which is what I went for with mine. Anyways I have to go get some more paint for the air brush tomorrow and theres still a long way to go on the details but I figured I might as well punch in and throw up one last progress report for the night.


BH Senior Editor

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