Friday, May 29, 2009

The Pick up

Well as mentioned yesterday I had some things on order and today I went to pick them up, One Land Raider and a Chimera, provided to Bay Hammer by our new pseudo sponsor WCC Comics and Collectibles, I love buying through them cause one they are local and two all GW products on there Ebay store are 25% off all the time, and I am told they just got a bunch of new 40k stuff in, a Bane Blade and a few more black reach sets (and they are selling at the reduced $45 price so grab one while you can before the slae price goes up to $75 in June) I am also working on painting the land Raider tonight which sad to say do to stress and a lack of glue is just not happening, but since I am doing it for a friend hes agreed to pick it up tomorrow at the game day over at legends and put the damn thing together. On that note I will again bring up the Legends Games and Comics in Cupertino is having a game day tomorrow from 12-8pm so come check it out if you are in the area (they also recently restocked alot of there Space marine stuff and some guard as well). Alright well that about wraps it up for now, I still have the shell of my Valkyrie sitting on the work bench and a number of marines left to paint but tonight I think its just time to take a break.



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