Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your FLCS and new Release info

Or your friendly local craft store, yes these often over looked and even more often more evenly priced stores often present a the odd catch. Micheals crafts (they are a national chain) is having a memorial day sale, I got a 20% coupon when I was there last and 40% off with my receipt, in any case if you have one in your area stop by and see if yours is having a sale tomorrow, that particular chain not only carries the Testors line of modeling supplies but they also have brushes and airbrush paints and parts as well as more then a selection of craft sculpting products that work great for terrain.

Alright So on to the good stuff, I just got off the phone with my Contact over at(insert name of large model monopoly here), now I cant give release dates but I can tell you that the releases for Guard are no where near done, included in this list of secondary or "quiet" releases are the new Hellhound kit, the Executioner kit for the Russ and the Exterminator kit, There are also at least 3 new terrain pieces that have not been announced yet. The definits that I have gotten on the Russ conversion kits from GW bode well for the other listed variants in the new guard Codex, it is my belief that the price increase is do to the amount of new castings and molds GW has had to make, now that is more then open to debate even more so then the validity of this article, but as I say, give the people what they want, and what we want are shiny new models.

Happy Hunting

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