Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the Table

Alright So I have been away for a few days but I still have some news, yesterday I went over and picked up my steel legion commissar from Game Kastle, looks great even just primed, I am also about 50% done with the budget Dark Angels. Alright Tonight I will keep it light as there's not to much going on but tomorrow and Saturday are going to be big nights for Bay Hammer, Friday I will be working on a Land Raider project for a friend (not so major) but Saturday Bay Hammer along with Legends Gaming in Cupertino will be hosting there first game night (first in awhile anyways) and we will be there covering the 40k and Fantasy side of the evening as well as working on plans for an exclusive in house campaign Supplement and Terrain. If you can make it over this Saturday, stop by and check out the Selection down in the octagon(UFC has failed to excite me with that term so I am taking it) There's going to be tables for 40k and Fantasy and also a wide selection of card and board games. So come on by, if you get there early you ll get a free energy drink (damn company only sent me a case of ten) Alright well that's about it for tonight, good gaming to all of you.

BH Senior Editor

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  1. Great looking comissar. The detailing around the eyes is great.

  2. I agree with Barjack. Very nice work

  3. maybe I should put a diffrent pic up, that one is a stock photo haha