Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not by a long shot

Well as I mentioned previously I was in a mad dash to get my marines painted, this is not happening, how ever I did get a fair few done. Alright so the marines are now on the side board while I start on the second valk, which I have decided to von figure as a vendetta (pics to come soon) On another note Kubla con is this weekend and though I was unable to attend I hope to have reports back on the Warhammer and 40k scene there, and hopefuly some pics, if anyone was there I would love to hear from you on how that went (yea we are not that organized events wise yet just hang in there tell the summer) Well that is about it for now, I should have more stuff in my next post and hopefully some pics of the new valkyrie in progress.


BH Senior Editor


  1. I'm bumed that I had to miss Kublacon this year too. Oh well, at least Pacificon is only a couple o' months away.

  2. like wise, I might look into getting out to that BoLs con that's coming up in Aug, I would love to be able to cover a live event in the near future

  3. I wish I could afford to go to the BoLS con this year. I bet it'll be great fun!

    I am looking forward to playing in the Iron Bolter at Pacificon.