Monday, May 11, 2009

Day out

Well not much on my miniatures today, though I did go out to Legends to see how things where going with preparations for the new Saturday game nights that are starting on the 30th, I like going to legends when I have the time, its like a great mix of comics and games, and not just Warhammer and 40k they have a ton of table top and board games and will direct order you just about anything if you ask. They also carry a few out of production 40k minis and stock 40k as well as fantasy but I go there for the deals they have on alot of there books and minis, there's also a paint section towards the back. So I would say if your in the area or want to look for a hard to find board game or collectors item Legends is your best bet, and like I said if you want to game, swing by on the afternoon of the 30th, there will be at least 4 tables devoted to 40k and fantasy as well as tables for board and pencil and paper RPGs and its non tournament so if you just want to play a laid back game stop by, Ill be there as well as some of the other bay hammer staff (yes there are a few of us I just do the writing)

Small Update:
I touched up the Valkyrie and I took a dremel to the mounting spire and that seemed to get it to fit a little better with the base plate, the end result is that its finally mounted and ready for action(well I still have to get the magnets for the weapon pods) as always questions,comments and critique are welcome.

In other less exciting and more wallet emptying news my Forgeworld catalogue came in the mail today, I eventually plan on getting some Death Korps into my guard as an axillary unit but for now I am contempt to peruse the pictures and fantasize, oh well. Also I have updated the artwork on the blog a little.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor


  1. Weird, my catalog came in the mail the very same day! Crazy.

  2. well I did order mine almost a month ago