Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Showdown

Not so dramatic in play but I can tell you that if you are still on the fence about the black reach set, get one, the stock list of marines can hold its own and I just picked up another 500 points by going dutch on the last $60 set, I paid $20 for $80 worth a marines.

Saturday game night over at Legends was more active then we have seen it so far, with the new demo table set up we are attracting much more attention and greater interest. Ok so enough of this talk of my work (I was running the demos) I actually managed to bring in my finished black reach space marines, almost 600 pts stock list, and I played against Elmo's Chaos noise marines in a fight that can only be described as casually intense as you will see below.

We started with a standard set up with about 600 pts each

Turns 1 and 2 where spent mostly on movement and the odd pot shot

Turn 3 had one of my tactical squads drawn into the open by his sorcerers psychic attack, but by then I had moved my dreadnought up behind the exposed units and the dice gods had not been favorable with his blastersUnfortunately some pictures have gone missing but I had my dreadnought and 4 tac marines in line of sight with his squad, I had one un moved rocket launcher in the exposed squad so I fired into him and managed to take out 3 of his noise marines, after that I followed up with the melta and storm bolter on the dreadnought which tore up the rest

This is where the battle ends at turn 5 with my captain locked in assault with his sorcerer who again the dice gods did not favor so no blows where landed.

Meanwhile some kids are checking out the demo table with Bryce they seemed to enjoy the gameplay

Over all Elmo played a great game and I hope to see him again at our other sessions, the game had ended in a time run out as he had to bolt but he bowed out gracefully and since we where playing annihilation it was looking rather grim in any case I got the tingle of victory that day.

On The Work Bench:
I have been getting more and more projects lately, and regrettably (well not really) the green menace is now on the number two slot of my to do list. I have offered to make a house army to use at the demo table and I kept the Orks from the black reach set so I have been experimenting with colors and I have to say, I can see how orks can get addicting, took me about an hour and a half to base paint 5 not the greatest things in the world but you could play with them.

Mean while Ian's blood angels Land Raider is still on the table and I have been steadily adding more the the paint scheme, I decided to mix in some weathered bleached bone highlights and I think its coming along rather nicely.

On a last note, look what I picked up, sure its slightly used but you just cant find these bags lately (not until July anyways) $30 empty is not a bad deal and i went and got the trays for about $22 so over all not to shabby. Again I would like to thank the seller who knows who he is, for getting me the hook up on this greatly needed piece of gear.


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