Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Showdown/1st BoLs post

On The Battlefield:

This weekend over at Legends I managed to get in a brawl with my number one knock down drag out arch enemy army (the guy I played was very nice though) anyways if your wondering, its Necrons, years of abuse at the hands of 3 Edition (unpainted) Necrons had left me a bitter and tested man when it comes to fighting them. However this game turned out to be rather casual and fun, my opponent played a great game and for the most part I won a fair game (we both played about 1000 points) So now after realising how badly GW has neglected that codex I have taken a much softer view on playing them, this dose not mean I wont do everything I can to blow them away but this game was definitely one of sportsmanship.

Deployment saw my Dark Angels fielding two 10 man tac squads, a chapter master, two dreadnoughts with Multi meltas and a squad of termies and a razorback with a twin plas las configuration.

He fielded 3 destroyers 6 scarab swarms, 20 Warriors and one lord with the orb (I was assured that that was 1000 points)

Turn one saw my orbital strike obliterate his scarab swarms (by accident naturally) which In my opinion possibly lead to my victory later on do to the loss of the only unit that might have taken down my Razorback.

Turn 2 was mostly short movement, I brought my Dreadnoughts up to the front and he swung his destroyers around to face my Razorback while I played it safe and kept my Tac squads out of range and stationary so I could fire twin frag missiles into his ranks through the broken cover.

Turn 3 was a firefight between my dug in marines and a unit of his Warriors of which he had attached his lord to, in the end I felled 4 of them but thanks to the "well be back" rule he had managed to resurrect all 4. It was at this point that his lords squad became the soul target of the full force of my dreadnoughts, but to no avail I managed to wing a lone Destroyer and wound his lord but he managed to bounce back.

Turn 4 was mostly much of the same but by now he had lost 3 of his warriors and my Razor back was doing its best to lay into his Destroyers with a full barrage from the twin las plas and storm bolter but again he made some damn good saves, oh it is at this point I will mention that my termies which where brought to the front also suffered some damage, I lost two but by the shinning light of the dice gods I managed to make a miraculous 10 saves (don't ask me how)

Turn 5 was a drag out fire fight but when the dice stopped rolling and the dust had settled 2 of his Destroyers where down and he had jumped his remaining warriors to my side of the table to face off. He managed to blast away 4 Tac marines but by turn 6 I was on the counter attack.

Turn 6 saw my heavies open up in full force with my two rocket launchers and a flamer which in the end smashed his lord and another warrior, here we can see the end result with his broken Destroyers.

Over all it was a great game and I hope to get the chance to play him again although maybe with a little less armor. In the end though what really capped it was my heavy weapons and ranged armor. I think that had I taken Sicarius as I usually do instead of a chapter master things may have gone differently. When it came down to it he was prepared for an assault where as I planned a ranged offensive (I played eldar and now guard of course I am going to be shooty) though to be fair the tactics I used where more guard then space marine, I simply filed up my marines and moved my armor into cover and began multiple barrages which over the course of the game eventually ground down his warriors.

On The Work Bench:
Its a new week and guess what I am back on the the guard, that right I now can devote my attention the the Hammer of the imperium because today my order from pig iron came in. 20 Kol militia covered heads to go nicely on the 69th troopers. I also got in my tech priest from WCC, which I have to say was a thrill to paint slightly inebriated, but still i love the robes and bare metal on this model, I wish my camera was not in such a temperamental state. So expect more on the Guard in the coming weeks.

Ok just a reminder, on the 1st of July we will be officially announcing the Bay Hammer Radio contest so stay tuned for that on the blog.


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