Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day and Battle Report

First off if you are one of the many lucky men to have the fortune to oversee the growth and learning development of your own gene stealer brood then happy fathers day (seriously though with what my father has done for me over the years I cannot express how much I owe him. So enjoy your fathers day)

So on a less dramatic note, we finally organized the game space down in the octagon (only had to move a few hundred pounds of metal to really open the place up, also there are more tables behind me this shot just looked best) so now things are much more feng shui I suppose.

Two of the game tables and a BR demo table

In other news, I got in not one but two battles over at Legends on Saturday, Ill spare you the long back and forth details of my first battle, one cause I forgot to get my camera and two because I was fighting Tau and it was basically a slap fight between his Devilfish and my twin Dreadnoughts for the first three rounds.

Turn 3 saw the loss of 1 of my Dark Angels squads
and a unit of his fire warriors to both storm bolter fire
and a incident involving a GPS failure during the moral check

Again in turn 3 Dreadnought number one managed to take down one of the enemy Devilfish but not without taking a fatal blow wreaking it, but in the process saving the second dred from the remaining garrisoned tau's LoS
The start of turn 4 See's the broken smoking hull of the Devilfish (imagine smoke damn you)
By Turn 6 our commanders had come to blows in a furious battle in which neither commander could gain the upper hand (he didn't fall for the untied shoe trick either)

The match ended with the failed roll to go into turn 7 and with a roughly equal amount of points and units lost we decided to call it a draw. All in all it was a great game and I hope for a rematch (Ill have my marines taste fresh sushi yet)

Alright so to start of the intro to my second battle I will say this, I lost, tabled by turn 5 by a combination of poor choice of unit place meant on my part and a slightly better list from my opponent (who by the way was fielding some amazingly painted salamanders)


Turn 2 Dedicated Transport moves to table edge
My dread backed by infantry goes to meet them

by turn 3 my infantry have been out flanked by his mobile armor but I have managed to take out his company master and one of his assault bikes and a few odd infantryTurn 4 I have my Terminators holed up in the ruins firing into the massed troops both behind the dedicated rhino and in the open

Turn 5 my infantry is decimated both dreds are down and my commander has finallay been blown away by his bike.

Over all it was a good game, I wish I had moved my dreads into his armor a lot sooner but I made the gamble to split my forces to try and divide his target list, which needless to say he had enough troops and armor to compensate for. Again look forward to a rematch, possibly against my Guard when I have them done, but for now the Dark Angels will have to do.

Happy Fathers Day

BH Senior Editor

Planet Strike is comming up, so dont forget to place your advance orders with WCC to have everything at your door by game night.

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