Friday, May 20, 2011

Where In The world am I?

The answer is everywhere. As some of our local readers already know I have been spotted less and less around the shop, this is mostly due to my new job, I wont say where, but the name of the company sounds a lot like 'microloft' That aside though my hobby time has actually been rather fruitful lately. After completely abandoning the perverted space elves and stowing the imperial legions I have had quite a bit of time to sit down and re build the war host. This time I decided to go iyendan (I also got my hands on a new toy, but more on that when its built)

So ill wrap up this quick blurb, not dead and still playing and I do intend to keep the blog going after the storm of activity dies down, and with my new found financial freedom I fully intend to expand our areas of interest to include other systems and possibly conventions.



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