Friday, May 27, 2011

GW Finecast release backhands retailors

Just a little tidbit I picked up this week. For the initial release of finecast GW is basically handing out table scraps to all the independent retailers (they can order up to three models for each item out a of a list of 50 sku's) Most of the inventory allocation is going to be for GW's own retail stores and the web store. Not to far out of the ordinary, however the little nasty part kicks in here. Independent retailers wont be able to order any of the new finecast models for at least 3-4 months based on what I am hearing, so you can look forward to empty rack spaces and no juicy web retailer markdowns (though I hear WCC has manged to get their hands on some)

Comparatively this is not as bad as the euro embargo or that Australia business but it dose hurt retailers in the short run, and in some ways hurts GW aswell, those of us who want to buy on the cheap will wait the 3-4 months for retailers to get them, slashing GWs initial launch numbers if only by a little. The biggest problem I have though with this is that your FLGS is left hanging in the wind on carnifexs, incubi, and basically every cool badass you would want in your army for the next few months which have to go through GW to get your fix, at retail price. It would seem that GW is taking back the reins rather brutally and this may be setting a precedent for future release practices.

I ask myself, are the corporate overlords to blame, or was it our own desire for cheap web deals that eventually did us all in. The answer probably lies somewhere in the gray area just off screen. That aside the moral of the story is, if you want that Tharka to head up your kan mob grab him now before the zero hour, or be stuck in HQless limbo till Christmas.

BH Senior Editor.

This is not of course confirmed so take it as you will, I have not spoken with anyone from GW directly on the matter and things do change.


  1. This is probably more about getting the retailers to max out their orders now so that they can get that revenue booked into this fiscal year(~ 2K per store). These set up stock level orders could represent about 1-2% of their annual revenue and they were already down like 5% in the first half of the year.

  2. FYI... The Carnifex is an all plastic kit.

  3. @Oni
    I might have been thinking hive tyrant.

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