Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughts on Unbound


Everyone seems to have their own two cents to put in on the latest edition of the 40k rule set and with the confirmation of one aspect of it I decided it was safe enough to take a stab at providing some perspective on the matter.
To be clear, this is not a rant nor is it a speculative piece I am simply providing some observations based on what we know (which is still very little) about the new ‘unbound’ lists option. There has been a lot of talk about percentages and side boards, but nothing has actually surfaced to confirm either of those rumors, so I will only focus on unbound for the moment.

Apocalypse now?

Yes and at less than 2000 points, on demand whenever you please. The initial heming and hawing about the prospect of your opponent being able to field impossibly brutal lists was tempered by the fact that not everyone is going to play unbound all day every day. Much like apocalypse, this is just another aspect of the game that could allow for a greater range of freedom when making a list, I have been using this example a lot lately but as you may be aware I am the owner of a 26 sentinel strong army that has no practical or competitive purpose other than to feed my varied and eccentric tastes in this hobby. Previously there was no way in hell I could feasibly squeeze more than six into a 1750 list, with 7th I could actually field a decent and possibly balanced mobile infantry force (in theory anyways) I have seen quite a bit of negativity towards this aspect of the new rule set, but really this won’t change much day to day play, unbound is just another way to work more models, or use the models you have in a game without having to invest much or worry about making to perfect list. In that regard I think that unbound also targets new and younger players who are not quite used to the math hammer side of the game, or just want to play a game with “cool” models.

Unbound also solved another mystery that I had been pondering on regarding supplements. For awhile a lot of people were wondering why there has been such a deluge of extra army books as of late, my theory is that this all falls in line with GW’s plans for 7th and the new list building structure. Want to take an allied force? Double down on your profits by releasing two books under one codex, Demons and CSM or CRS, IG and MT + INQ and so on. Again this is just me postulating on why this may have been structured as it is, I know GW is a publicly traded company, but not every aspect of the rules is geared towards sales so there’s still a fair amount of grey area with my theory.

Is this going to be a WAAC paradise, I don’t think so. Echoing what a lot of the older community has been trying to drive home for the last 20 years, it’s about talking to the guy/gal across the table and deciding what and how you are going to play, I have walked away from plenty of games because they just didn’t sound like fun and I don’t see why this would be an issue everywhere else. At tournaments, at least for the first year anyways I can see this as being doubly true, it sounds like GW has also introduced a check and balance system to even things out, but with no further details I really don’t care to delve too much into that area.

All in all I think its shapeing up to be a fun edition, hopefully GW got over their Vista moment with 6th (sorry it was fun but there were issues) and are back on track with 7th, are people going to complain, yes, are people going to leave, yes. That’s fine if you don’t enjoy the game anymore you certainly should find something else to play that you do, but please don’t read a bunch of speculative articles on the internet and declare that you’ll never play again before actually getting a few games in, it makes us all look quite silly.




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