Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dancing with titans

This weekend after a long standing hiatus from my regular gaming schedule I had at last manged to get in a short if not amusing game of Apocalypse in which Ian decided to play test his new eldar list against my Dark Angels and Legends recently aquired Armorcast Reaver titan. At this point I will have to say I fell in love with the old Reaver and its almost torrential ability to serve A$$ kicking on a every turn basis, but alas the titan is perhaps one of those units that is destined only to enter a fair fight if the opposing side is packing similar hardware.

The battle was fast and bloody with the Reaver (now know as Victrix Steve) immediately gimping Ian's Wave serpents and demolishing most of his squad of Hawks and lobbing a few far pot shots from the turbo laser into his garrisoned Guardians on the other side of the board. Ian will be posting the battle report as to what actually happend but for now I felt this a compelling enough reason to set aside some time and actually get back in touch with you guys, our readers and gamers in the bay and beyond.

In short I played a titan and I liked it, i liked it a lot but I realised only to soon that the unit demands a certain kind of opponent to actually feel justified while playing it. Anything less then a full armor company and any match against the Reaver can quickly become a bloodbath in under 5 turns. But if you have the money or just love the power I highly recommend it, its not a unit for everyone but with a visually dominating aspect as well as awe inspiring stat lines the titan truly is one of this games greatest pieces.

In other news:
Congratulations to Zach who won the Legends Campaign the week before last, and after some mix ups with GW over the prize finally received his much due reward after slugging his way through six weeks of Necrons,Sisters and pissed off blood angels, only to take his boyz to the top of the heap. So here is a pic of the proud warboss accepting his prize, good job freshman Zach!

If your wondering I am the one who looks like spike from buffy.


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