Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Word From our Sponsors

Legends comics and games in Cupertino, the host and co-sponsor of Bay Hammer has just announced a sale on all there Games Workshop products. All GW merchandise in the store will be discounted by 10% to help sell off there excess inventory from the holiday season, that's right because some poor kid didn't get that new Tyranid battle force, or that shiny Leman Russ this holiday they are passing the savings on to you, and get this if they don't have what your looking for they will order it in for you at 15% off plus no shipping charge.

Now I know this may look like a shameless plug but the truth is that ever since BH started up the guys(and girls) at Legends have been very supportive and helped bring together the people that actually help me run this blog(when I am not around). They gave us a space to play and a little financial support as well as prizes and supplies. So if your in the area, head on over and support your local game/comic shop.


BH Senior Editor

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