Monday, January 18, 2010

Planetstrike Beta Testing

Hey guys i wanted to post a quick thing on the planetstrike playthroughs we've been doing, and of what we will be expecting to do these upcoming weeks. First off, our first few games have been a tad rough, but we are getting the rules down. Also if you dont know the basic premise of planetstrike, its this: you have a defender and an attacker. The defender has more heavy support/troops, and the attacker has more fast attack/elite choices. The main goal in planet strike is objectives, and along with those objectives are stratagems yay. Both the attacker and defender have specific stratagems. There are even race specified stratagems. But in order to get these stratagems you must have a specific amount of objectives, and each one uses up a certain amount of points. Ex: there are 3 objectives, 2 bunkers and a fortified turret, you would have 3 stratagem points to use on 2 stratagem or one beastly one, but the same stratagem cannot be chosen twice.

And this brings me to my next subject: the upcoming weeks we will be constantly playing this expansion to get down the rules for sure. Also this weekend we will be using the stratagems. umm thats all for now and i cant think of other stuff for the time being...Oh i really want to set up a table for painting/workshopping

-happy gaming-


  1. I would be interested in seeing work on some of the stratagems and rules- it seems like armies without strong anti-tank will find it impossible to dislodge enemies from bastions (AV14 from every direction is very harsh...). And, on the other hand, the firestorm rule seems to be pretty devastating to the defender's army if they aren't all hiding inside of buildings. Comments on overall balance there would be nice to see.

    The extra turn stratagem (since it gives it to only one player) and firestorm doubling also seem like obvious culprits for balance issues, but I'm curious to see how things work out for you all.

  2. with the games weve played it kinda feels like the attacker has a bit of a upside...