Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chasing Phantoms

Destroyer (aka Darrick) just sent me the completed pics of his first phantom, now with more up close detail to drool over. I cant really describe how large this piece actually is on the table, back when armorcast was making these things apparently scale was much less an issue then when forgeworld took over, the resulting piece comes off more as a statue then a playable piece but impressive none the less.


BH Senior Editor

Can you think of an apropriate but hilarious name for this titan, post it in the comments section and you may get a prize.


  1. After staring at that towering piece of advanced and deadly ancient alien technology with its very nicely done paint job the only name that leaps forward in my mind is....... Ladybug

  2. It kinda reminds me of a nun I had in Catholic school, a particularly nasty one we called and I now dub this titan Sister Mary Sunshine.

    So how long til I get my prize ?
    { :} wink,wink nudge,nudge }

  3. HAve to say he color scheme reminds me o a skunk so I'd call it Stinky !