Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some stuff im working on...

Ay guys its Ian, like above im working on
some things. And if you can make out the photo its some sanguinary guard. I also have a death company squad which i outfitted with 2 infurnus pistols (i already have 5 ready to go before this squad), a thunderhammer and powerfist. The squad itself is going to be fun...especially in a land raider, out on the board they will be crazy awesome.

So far 3 of my 5 sanguinary guard are done, im taking my time on these because they are going to be meant for display, but eventually they shall see the battle field. I also am working on the apocalypse board, but for the next weeks its been shelved until these guys are done. anyways ill have to post a pic of a whole diorama of these beasts and stuff, but anyways, ill be posting again next week and possibly sooner. see you then.

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