Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tenacious D...arrick

As progress on the hall continues (legends second store) another project has emerged on the game floor. Our newest editor and Bay Hammers official liaison to Legends is showing off his new Eldar Apocalypse force for us before the big game planned for June of this summer.

At only about 80% completion, his force sports twin phantom Armorcast titans (one not pictured) and three Armorcast tempest grav tanks (one pictured above) As a new comer to the game but by no mean new to table top gaming Darrick has spared no expense in building and painting his army, and it shows.

So I would now like to formally welcome our newest editor and good friend of Bay Hammer, Darrick, look forward to his tips and tricks and in depth editorials in the near future.

Lets get some shots of that lovely hunk of phantom

And here we have those lovely troop choices

Not to bad for a "newbie" I look forward to playing against him in the up coming "Brawl in he Hall" not officialy named yet. Good luck to him in any case and I cant wait to see his army in full strength.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor.

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  1. That's a nice looking force, thanks for sharing.