Thursday, April 15, 2010

My answer to a storm raven, and what we are doing at the store this week

Hey guys, Ian here. ive been working on a storm raven for the past days. so far ive basically kit-bashed a valkarie and heavy weapons from a predator. it looks fairly decent so far, made a scenic base for it depicting a dwindling assault marine squad with a wounded battle brother. Its looking good so far and i cant wait to finish it this weekend. here are some photos of said stormraven :

Also at the store on friday and saturday, we are going to work on the terrain and painting figures. I have 3 more Baal predators and a whole lot of other stuff to assemble and paint. So stop by the store if you are in the area and hang out with us as we work on and talk about 40k.
Other than that keep on being awesome :)

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