Friday, April 30, 2010

New Product from Bay Hammer

You heard right, Bay Hammer is releasing a new line of flocking and basing material in May. Over the past several months we have been working on a exclusive deal with our Hosts and business contacts over at Legends of Comics and Games in Cupertino CA to bring you this new premium line of basing material. The flocking itself was developed and made by Ian, leading contributing editor and long time associate of BH. He developed a process that is both economic and eco friendly and enables us to create a high grade basing material without the need for a large production facility or indeed any machinery. If your wondering how its done **CENSORED**

Going Green:
And we are not talking orks (though our current range works well with them) No I am talking about a basing material that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is eco friendly. The flocking itself is made from all natural materials not finely chipped or shredded foam core. The stuff will actually biodegrade if mixed with potting soil or mulch. We know that a majority of "green products" are bull but I couldn't resist throwing this little bit in.

We talked with the guys over at the shop and decided on a final whopping price of $2.00US That's about $2 cheaper then GF9 range and about $7 cheaper then GW and you get more then you would in a regular GW tub.

**While BH dose not have any current plans to sell online during the trial sales we may contact our partners at WCC to help reach those who are not Bay Area locals.**

The products pictured above shows our current range of colors, Dry Brush, Forest Floor and Mixed Green. We are working on making a selection of darker toned basing as well.

Remember you can only get BH brand flocking at Legends of Comics and Games in Cupertino CA while we run trial sales.


BH Senior Editor

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