Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gray Knight gray area

Alright so I didn't post my GK story before BoLs got it. So lets just get down to the brass tacks of whats on every ones mind, the Inquisition. More to the point what is brewing with the watchers of the shadows and there somewhat dated codices, I am of course referring to the sisters of battle and demon hunters books. The current theory is that both sisters and demon hunters will be combined into a single tome along with the other supplemental for the ordo Xenos. While this would make sense to the player, it would not make sense for GW. Rarely has GW combined multiple books, in fact the only time that they have was for 5ed space marines, and even still we have separate codices for the various other chapters (aka blood angels,Black Templar and Dark Angels) So while we might hope and dream of a grand all in one book, I find the chances of it actually happening rather narrow.

Next up the models. Ok here you may now rejoice for the Gray Knights will for certain be re cast in glorious cheap plastic. Yes the age is soon coming that all non independent box sets will be made in cheap light and abundant plastic. While no pictures have yet to surface we can assume two things off the bat from observing GW's more recent moves in releasing/casting new models. One: They will in appearance be oddly similar to forge world pieces, but not quite the same caliber.
Two: Though they are now made of the cheaper material, the price will only change by about $5, GW will say this is do to requiring new molds and equipment but in reality the marketing dept is rubbing your hard earned dollars and pounds sterling all over there naughty parts.

The good news is though with new models new codices are soon to follow. So as a member of the elite class of society known as consumers, you should go forth and probe every dark alley and lead you can and provide the community with the sweet fruits of knowledge, barring that you can just get a GW rep into slipping up and telling you everything without being overt.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing a new Codex, but am a bit worried the allies part will be removed.

    A company has the right to price their product based on the demand. What's really odd is that folks will pay those prices buying direct from GW when they can usually get a discount at their FLGS or through purchasing online.

    "They will in appearance be oddly similar to forge world pieces, but not quite the same caliber." This is true, but some of their new plastics are oddly similar to their original metal versions. SM Scouts are a good example.

  2. I whole heartedly agree with you on the pricing. GW fleeces its customers through direct buy. I think that in there own way GW is trying to survive in an uncertain economy like most large companies but at the same time they could cut the consumer a break when material costs are reduced.

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