Sunday, May 9, 2010

Leman Russ/Suspicions confirmed

After today's release of the first snaps of the new leman russ sprue I am indeed now convinced that we may soon see all those models we once salivated over in the forgeworld catalog brought down to our level. The new kit contains all the barrel variants needed to cover the rest of the options for the Russ in the codex, I predicted this shortly after they pulled the old Russ kit. But this now raises the question, with spearhead on the way, and another black box release planned for the holidays, exactly how much will we see cast in plastic? The hydra, the Griffin and the Colossus just to name a few are units shown in the 5ed IG codex, and now with all the Russ variants covered will we see these models brought to the citadel line as well? Some months back we saw snapshots of the computer mock ups for the new demolisher and what appeared to be a Colossus. It may indeed be feasible that we might see all IG armor covered by GW. Even more so in these tough economic times where shelling out $200+ for a model is just simply financially unsound.

For what ever reason it would indeed appear that GW is tightening there belt and giving in to consumer demand. summer 2010 and the holiday season promises to possibly be a rather exciting series of releases, or at least we hope so.


BH Senior Editor.


  1. It's the rumoured manticore/deathstrike I'm interested in, although I know what you mean about this hobby getting more and more expensive.

    It's starting to get silly.

  2. It is just shameful that we have to pay premium prices for mass produced goods of cheaper material. It just dosent add up in the long run.