Thursday, May 13, 2010

Re painting project Valkyrie

So after much hassle and deliberation I finally re primed my first Valkyrie, actually I primed the second up first and decided I liked it enough to do the other one. I also re painted two tanks and a chimera after this decision. Although I did like the testors olive drab spray color, it just dident match the theme I was going for. So two days and a pot of catachan green later I am almost done re painting most of my vehicles, except for one. The debate weather or not to re do the baneblade is still on the table, since it is still one of the pieces that I sank the most work and money into I am torn between re coloring or leaving it be with the idea that ill sell it later and get a replacement. Further confounding the issue is the Shadowsword I will soon be adding to my collection (courtisy of the gents over at Legends comics and games for my Birthday) which I most likely will paint in the new scheme. I would love to hear your thoughts on which rout I should take.

Anyways enjoy the various work in progress shot provided above. The first shows the re primed Valkyrie I did today and the second is the one I did last night.


BH Senior Editor

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