Thursday, May 6, 2010

NEWS: Codex Demon Hunters and Witch hunters

As some of you may have noticed checking the GW website today, both codex Witch hunters and Codex Demon Hunters are no longer listed. Could this indicate a release in the near future? More to the point are both books already done. Games Workshop is second only to Apple when it comes to product security and if there past release strategies are any indication we could very well see a new set of books and models y new years or sooner. Pairing this with the anticipated release of project spearhead in the Fall and incremental releases mid summer 2010/11 looks to be full of new releases across the board.

Could 6th Edition be right around the proverbial corner? Of course this is taking things a bit far but one has to but wonder. With a list of rolling codices updates and a slew of new models it is quite possible that we may see all outdated codices updated over the next 15 months or less.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Its been like that for a while on the UK site that the codices been removed and to be honest. I'm hoping for separate (but the other 85% want combined codices) but being old codices I think they pretty much need it. (Daemonhunters more by 100 fold)

  2. I feel there could be more consolidation of the codices in general. if you actually look at how things are laid out its all over the place, even the core 5ed rule book is in some cases contradictory to the codices, and out dated codices are convoluted further by that fact.

  3. Yea I see what you pretty much mean, which is why im happy they been touching the the older codices not counting Tyranids and Space Marines. As for blood angels though, thats a whole different reason. But as for Guard, Space Wolves, and if you want to count them also Orks. They all were really old codices before they came into 5th and if its grey knights or dark eldar im good with either or, but im not beliving anything until GW acually announces the next codex.

  4. The codices have been off the GW online store for quite some time now, but I agree it's only a matter of time before a new one is released. The fact that both DH and WH are offline at the same time lends credence to them being combined.

    The fact you can still buy the figures (in sets, vice "collectors" or bits) probably means there won't be drastic changes in what troop and HQ choices you can field. So I anticipate the Codex will update it to 5th edition, and perhaps make vehicle or other IG/SM-type forces available.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for it coming out soon.