Friday, May 21, 2010

BH Exclusive: New Leman Russ Unboxing

First a disclaimer, I received the kit as a demo model. No money was paid to get an advance copy of the kit and it is being assembled for display purposes.

Now with that out of the way. What can I show you that the sprue pictures on GW haven't already shown (not much to be honest). What I can talk about is the over all feel of the components and their detail. Over all the kit is just a mimic of the new demolisher kit (obviously) The variant barrels are rather simple in detail, the nova cannon is the same as the one in the baneblade/hell hammer kit, there are a few differences, unlike the hell hammer cannon the Russ version is a single piece and feels much sturdier.

But over all this is a step in the right direction for GW, having an all in one kit is much more economically friendly then prior options (having to buy from FW) I still feel though that the turret is rather crude and if given the choice I would buy a Ryza pattern vanquisher turret from forge world. The battle cannon is still the same and the exterminator bit looks well enough. I think over all though the popular choice aesthetically is going to be the nova cannon, its a decent short range weapon that packs almost as much punch as a demolisher and its the most visually pleasing in my opinion.

After assembling the body and turret I have noticed that both the battle cannon and the vanquisher cannon fit snugly enough that they could be swapped out easily without having to magnetize.

Happy building

BH Senior Editor

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