Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updates: Reading the GW Tarot

With Games Workshop going full throttle for the June release for guard, and the rumor mill cranking out a release date for the storm raven (thank you jawaballs) excitement is running high. But what of the gaps and the long oddly laid trail of clues. I am of course talking about the computer renderings of the colossus we saw back at games day Spain 09, GW already released a new basilisk kit thus ruling out a release with that unit. And of course if we might dabble in the back game rooms and GW stores where the prospect of a all plastic thunderhawk is talked about in hushed tones and with great uncertainty.

As questions mount and release dates are set what might we be looking at this September. Currently we are swept up in a torrent of rolling updates and micro releases. So looking through the mist and having not but basic concepts and a hand full of comments made by GW, I can but only speculate on future releases. However if GW's past indicators and update practices have proven anything its that about 70% of what you hear on the grape vine is accurate. For the hard facts I will leave it up to the big dogs to decipher, for now I will continue to provide commentary and perspective.

What do you think the next major release will hold? Feel free to add your thoughts to the comment section.


BH Senior Editor

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