Monday, April 26, 2010

An Ode

To the young and to the old, to those who started playing a game and instead helped build a community.
To cramped back rooms with no air conditioning where we whiled away our youth for the thrill of battle.
To old friends and new enemies without either the game would be empty.
To late nights and sore wrists and painted fingers.
To those who lust for carnage and for those who sit in deep contemplation.
To the Nerds,geeks,Brits,yanks,freaks,artists,visionaries,modelers and bartenders, for again without you the game is empty.

Finally to everyone who ever spent months eating ramen to finance a new army, to any one who ever spent a semesters worth of Saturdays in a dimly lit room blasting Zeppelin and banging out a division, and to anyone who's forces where lost to marriage but re discovered by a son or daughter.

Some times its hard to tell some one why you do this, its hazardous to your health and your wallet, and at times can seem a bit foolish. But when all is said and done and the field of battle is cleared and all the drinks are gone, one cant help but sit back and feel like for a few hours they grabbed a piece of something greater, and we didn't even have to leave our living room. And that is the reason most every one dose anything at all, the simple answer is its fun, the deeper reason is passion. It differs from person to person but indeed when the dice start to roll one cannot help but imagine the roar of cannon or the whine of a las.

So for what ever reason you play this goes out to you, and if ever you feel the need to be vindicated just remember, we are all in this together, so might as well have some fun along the way.


BH Senior Editor

I will be returning to regular writing in my own witty and over all brash manner, and more to the point I will be getting back to playing. So stay tuned while I bang on things behind the curtain to try and keep things going.

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