Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Relictors Drop Pod WiP

Life has been keeping me plenty bust over the last few weeks, so my me time has been at a minimum. But I have still managed to pick away at the mountain that is my Relictors battle company. below is one of the three drop pods that I will be loading up with assualt marines and one dred (if this is a stupid idea please let me know) Other parts of the project include 50 infantry units and around 15-20 terminators and that's fust what I have on the work bench.

I still have to bash the whole thing together after the gloss dries, also I would like to thank Siph over at WeeMen for provideing me with a fair ammount of referance pictures for Relictors painting styles.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Assault squads are okay in drop but as for dreadnoughts they pretty much ask to get shot up since they'll be in most of enemy range of fire power and you're only using one. If you're using Vanilla or Blood Angel style codex stern guard or tactical squads are probably better for the job since you can get into that melta range. Space Wolves style I don't know much but I know enough they don't really need it. Now tbh 5th drop pods have issues which is the new drop pod assault cause half of the pods have to come on 1st turn rounding up. So reserves tear you apart. As for 4th ed dexes Dark Angels style don't drop pod well. but If I were to mass drop pods I'd say the Black Templar style codex are the way to go.

  2. Also forgot to mention Vulken is decent with a vanilla drop pod army

  3. Cheers Fella, I have added more Pods to my Battle Company now! About to finish 3 more for a total of 5... never again tho.