Friday, August 13, 2010

Undercoat Black: The straight dope

I was reading the comments on warseer about the new GW paint sets, and I noticed a trend in the comments, the amount of confusion over what exactly undercoat black is. Alright so let me start off with a little factoid that most people are not aware of, in the past and including the last paint set GW did not actually include chaos black, the black in the old paint set was actually a much thinner brush on primer. Ok so keeping that in mind, undercoat black is actually that brush on primer in a new bottle, it is not chaos black, the actual chaos black paint is a thicker mix and has a bit of a gloss finish, undercoat black is a thinner black matte paint. And indeed if you look on some of the older model boxes it shows the diagram of how to brush on the primer layer.

Well I hope that clears everything up.

BH Senior Editor.


  1. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't aware they had a brush on primer. It's an odd item to add to the new set. Seems to me they'd prefer you use their spray?
    Shame I own half the colors already, or I'd consider getting this new set.

  2. The sets are not actually targeted at the veteran hobbiests, actually quite the opposite. GW introduced the sets as a way of making it easier for new and younger players to get into the hobby, by adding a brush on primer they eliminated the need to buy the some what pricey spray, an option which also appealed to parents who might worry about there kid using spraypaint for what ever reason.

    BH senior Editor