Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WFB Island of Blood Unboxing Video

Bay Hammer Exclusive.
GW really takes the mystery out of upcoming releases with their advanced order page, but all the same I still felt it necessary to share this. Through my various contacts we managed to get our hands on an advance store copy of the box set and I being the progressive type that I am decided to do this un boxing on video. Mind my ineptitude with some of the unit names.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Question comes to mind:

    Can you actually play a game with whats in the box? Do they provide any detail on the units like armor saves or how the skaven weapon teams work? Or is this not really required in fantasy?

  2. From what I gathered they provide a brief description of all the unit elements and such in the rule book, and you could very easily play a game with whats provided in the box.


  3. Everything you need to play a game between the High Elves and Skaven miniatures provided is indeed in the box.

    If you want to flesh out those forces a bit you would probably want to buy the respective army books to cover some of the more specialised and rare units (eg. the Skaven Plague furnace or Doomwheel).

    I hope that helps. If anyone wants to ask any basic new player questions we're always happy to hep out on the WHF Battle Reporter forum

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  4. I really did not see any rules for using the skaven special weapons teams, little things like what a warplock pistol does or what the armor was for the master moulder is. Or that the griffin riding Hero is well outside the allowed points for that group until you get to 1400 point games.

    Also appears to be a pain in the butt to get that all those various details collected together to actually have the info handy while you are learning the game. Not saying you could not do it just that a nice 2 page summary of unit states and special rules not in fluff form would have been nice. Skull pass had at least clear states, weapons, and armor saves for all the units in the skull pass booklet.