Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SM Flavor of the month: Relictors

So I was browsing about the net looking for some interesting ideas for my third set of AoBR marines and happened to stumble upon a site based on the obscure and loosely official Relictors Space Marine chapter. After reading a bit more on the background and picking up the unofficial army list I was hooked, a phone call and a short meet up later and I managed to secure almost a full companies worth of mixed marines and other vehicles that I soon plan to add to full project (I plan to make a full battle company) But alas my plans where soon shoved off to the side when I managed to pick up a slight summer cold that has had me living on my couch for the last few days.

So here are a few marines and a terminator. I am brining in a termie librarian next week to make up my HQ choice for my actual list and another Land Raider for my assault marines. So as always questions and comments always welcome.


BH Senior Editor.

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