Friday, July 30, 2010

New Forge World piece: Ok things are just getting silly

So if you havent checked out the latest forge world newsletter you wont have noticed the new piece of kit pseudo storm raven like drop ship that they are supposedly releasing soon. Ill be honest, I like the stats, but the model looks like GW was trying to release a space marine piece that looked like something out of Homeworld 2 (or possibly a popular movie franchise which cant be mentioned without the concsent of George Lucas) Its not a bad model but lets be honest, this thing looks a trifle bit out of place in the grim and blocky universe that is Warhammer 40k. questions comments and hate mail all gladly accepted.



BH Senior Editor


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  1. It looks like crap! With all the skill and imagination at these guys disposal, and this was the best they could come up with??? It sucks more than Monica Lewinski!! Shan't buy, Won't Buy!! Simple as...

    However, the pre-heresy armour variants are making me salivate...

  2. I'm very excited that Forge World is making new kits for the Space Marines. After looking at the pictures from this first wave of models, I am a little bit disappointed. What I really want to see are some great independent character models. The Heresy armour models are fairly fantastic, though.

    As for the attack craft model, I agree with you on its aesthetics. On its own, the model is decent. When brought into context of the 40k universe, however, it does not seem to fit. Granted, as far as Space Marine aircraft go, I've only seen imagery for the Thunderhawk. Of course any new aircraft has the right to look a good deal different. However, this model looks different not just from a Thunderhawk, but different from any Space Marine vehicle, and different from 40k in general.

  3. Oh, I don't know Scott. I doubt if I will buy one but it does look suitably ugly and 'never mind aerodynamics, fit a bigger motor'.

  4. The other stuff they came out with still looks great though...

  5. I think the deign issue is the wings. As a rocket sled to operate in space only (sans wings) it looks correct. For it to operate on a planet they added wings which makes it look wrong.

    Also the rules for surface of the planet should be like a rocket sled, have it slam down ram everything for 24 inches then it becomes immobile.