Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting ready for a "Brawl"

That's right, the 25th is but two days away and everyone over at Legends has been prepping their armies and the game space (as you can see above) for what promises to be one of the largest sponsored games in the Bay Area this year. While not as large as originally intended (we had a few drop outs) The point totals still top out around 40k pts over all, but the object of the event wasn't so much size as it was celebration. Brawl in The Hall was started as a joint effort between myself and Legends Comics and games in an effort to kick off the official tournament series at Legends (which will be coming this Fall) A massive game to celebrate getting to the point where the store was ready to start hosting regular events.

So here is the roster:

We have D headlining with his craftworld Ulthwe army coming in at well over 10k pts by itself (titans and all)

We have the Imperial guard being split by long time friends of the Shop Dan and Mike, who will also be fielding the reaver. They come in just at the 10k mark combined and will be playing as a team.

Then there is Heavy D who will be allying his Crons with Blood Angels, they will also be playing as a team.

Ok so now the good part, the winner will receive $60 Cash or credit from Legends Comics and Games in Cupertino, and their name in the hall of hero's (soon to be made) And I may or may not be live casting for part of the event so Ill post an update on that the day of.

So if you want to see a knock down drag out fight between imperium and Eldar come on down to Legends this Sunday, or better yet come and compete, the deadline for general entries is closed but you can still register at the door for $15. Your army must be painted in at least three shades and equal no more then 10k pts either alone or as part of a team.

As a side note don't forget to tune into Jawaa Balls live this Sunday to find out who won the storm wardens army, thats going to be a cant miss event as well.

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