Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rough coat coming back?

So I was perusing the latest GW North American Trade Catalog when what do I spot listed in with the GW sprays "Rough Coat" at $17.00. Now as we all know this spray was discontinued without reason or notice about two years ago, a shame since it was such a course even coat in comparison to off the shelf sprays. But that aside its re appearance has sparked a bit of interest around the Bay Hammer office (we actually have one now) so rest assured we will be getting to the bottom of this. If anyone else has any info on this feel free to email us.

This listing also comes on the heels of GW's major paint overhaul, which may soon see the removal of all bundled paint box sets if the rumblings from GW's inner circle prove true. Could we be looking at a much more conservative Games Workshop in the coming years? Let us examine the facts. First GW pulls almost all blister sales from retailers and then move a big chunk of their metal sets into the collectors range, then they reduce the amount of product per box, in some cases as much as 50%. Then of course we have the price hikes followed by the massive wave of layoffs at their retail stores and the closing of a fair amount of those stores. With smaller companies trying to take a piece of the greater war gaming pie and a economy in limbo, we may very well see the giant stumble in the next few years.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Can't say much about the Rough Coat, as I've never tried it. Seems to me, the only thing they used it for was on their various scenery kits.

    The GW decision that rumpled my feathers most was the removal of their bitz sales. One only has to look at the growing number of bitz retailers to know that selling bitz can be profitable. Maybe they feel if they can't make it work, it's better to stop it altogether than to figure out what they're doing wrong and fix it.

  2. Yeah I agree. Along time ago, I think paint came in 18ml pots, now its in cheap leaky 10ml pots. There primer went upto $18 a can, where you can get Army painter for $10 here, or even Krylon for $5 which is even more durable. In the past 2 years, we have indeed been getting less for higher cost, so even tho this will allow a short term gain, in the long run it will be bad.

    BTW - Rouphcoat is kinda meh at best, there are cheaper products that dp the same thing out there. Look for krylon brand marble effects paint