Saturday, July 3, 2010

Legends hosts game Designer Matt Leacock

Ok so not so much a 40k or Fantasy post, but I will include some 40k in here. So today Bay Hammers game space host Legends Comics and Games hosted the demo and release of Matt Leacock's "Forbidden Island" for those of you not familiar with Matt's work I recommend checking out Pandemic or Pandemic on the brink (both of which he created and have since been adapted into flash games) I got to meet and talk with Mr Leacock briefly, a cool character with a outward nonchalance that I find refreshing in an industry who's money was made 10 years ago, and with so few designers actually connecting with their user base I find his new self promotion campaign a cool concept in the field of board games. And yes that is me on the left in the above picture.

Ok so now for the 40k bit I promised you. First off I would like to make a retraction of a previous statement regarding the new paint pots. A few weeks ago I was told that the boxed paint sets would contain the new pots, and until the current inventory of old style pots was sold, the only way to get the new pots would be through that set. Well GW did something sneaky and decided to completely scrap that idea and just release the new pots piecemeal over the next few months. Now adding on to that, Legends just received some of the new pots this week as shown above. This can only mean that the new pots are on their way out to retail stores now after making a brief appearance at GW stores.


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