Thursday, July 1, 2010

Titan Works: Project Reaver

So we got yet another titan on the work bench. A few days ago this little guy got pummeled by two Eldar titans, and still managed to limp away. But D, being the avid collector that he is didn't let him limp far, after the game money changed hands and I found myself with a new project sitting on my work bench (cleverly disguised as a kitchen table)

So the first stop was a long soak in some simple green (and for all of you out there who say the stuff doesn't work look above) A few part of the body where also covered in that horrible orange that you saw in my last battle report, and since I didn't have a gallon jug of simple green I simply lightly primed over what I could. After the carapace and missile launchers long soak I gave them a good scrubbing with some steel wool, now this may seem a bit harsh but when your dealing with resin and a piece this large its worth bringing out the big guns. So I scrubbed most of the primer and paint off and got what you see above.

I apologise for some of the photos above being a bit grainy, I took them on my cell and was being lazy and didn't much feel like hauling out the Nikon. Anyways after stripping and re priming everything all that was left to do was paint, which I have been doing over the last three days. Starting from the top down is the three day progression of my painting sessions. I have been using a three part scheme, doing the body in regal blue, the trim in Reaper gold and the accents in boltgun metal.

So that's it for now, Ill have more updates on the project in the near future, as well as any battle reports which involve this bad boy.


BH senior Editor

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