Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some stuff im working on...

Ay guys its Ian, like above im working on
some things. And if you can make out the photo its some sanguinary guard. I also have a death company squad which i outfitted with 2 infurnus pistols (i already have 5 ready to go before this squad), a thunderhammer and powerfist. The squad itself is going to be fun...especially in a land raider, out on the board they will be crazy awesome.

So far 3 of my 5 sanguinary guard are done, im taking my time on these because they are going to be meant for display, but eventually they shall see the battle field. I also am working on the apocalypse board, but for the next weeks its been shelved until these guys are done. anyways ill have to post a pic of a whole diorama of these beasts and stuff, but anyways, ill be posting again next week and possibly sooner. see you then.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chasing Phantoms

Destroyer (aka Darrick) just sent me the completed pics of his first phantom, now with more up close detail to drool over. I cant really describe how large this piece actually is on the table, back when armorcast was making these things apparently scale was much less an issue then when forgeworld took over, the resulting piece comes off more as a statue then a playable piece but impressive none the less.


BH Senior Editor

Can you think of an apropriate but hilarious name for this titan, post it in the comments section and you may get a prize.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tenacious D...arrick

As progress on the hall continues (legends second store) another project has emerged on the game floor. Our newest editor and Bay Hammers official liaison to Legends is showing off his new Eldar Apocalypse force for us before the big game planned for June of this summer.

At only about 80% completion, his force sports twin phantom Armorcast titans (one not pictured) and three Armorcast tempest grav tanks (one pictured above) As a new comer to the game but by no mean new to table top gaming Darrick has spared no expense in building and painting his army, and it shows.

So I would now like to formally welcome our newest editor and good friend of Bay Hammer, Darrick, look forward to his tips and tricks and in depth editorials in the near future.

Lets get some shots of that lovely hunk of phantom

And here we have those lovely troop choices

Not to bad for a "newbie" I look forward to playing against him in the up coming "Brawl in he Hall" not officialy named yet. Good luck to him in any case and I cant wait to see his army in full strength.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sketchy comments notice

It has come to my attention that various asian escort sites have for some reason targeted the comments section on the blog, these sites are not affiliated with us (shocking I know) and I will do my best to remove the comments/links when I see them. I do not advise clicking on any link that is not in english or related to the topic post unless otherwise sated.

Big things in store for the spring/summer months for BH including our return to the airwaves with a new crew and live coverage and a new game center, so stay tuned boys and girls.


BH Senior Editor/Ghost

Moar terrain things

Hey guys, Just like the title says i has moar terrain to work on!So i am helping with a project to make the most awesome Apocalypse board evar! What we have so far is a nuclear generator, that has a purpose, but you will have to wait to see what it does. But we are working on a plateau that will be the centerof the whole board where the Imperium will be located. So if you are in the area tomorrow or Friday, stop by and we can work on terrain :)

In other news, GW is going to be releasing a new set of terrain. The statue there looks familiar. Thats because it was used on a lot of different gaming boards. I may be interested in picking this up for the store to attach to one of our boards.
Other than that blood angels are coming out soon and i am looking forward to getting my hands on the new dex and figures! - thats all for now, Ian

Thursday, March 11, 2010

new blood angels codex, some updates on what we are doing

Hey guys, if you guys didnt already know, the new blood angels codex is in the advance orders on the gw website. I cant wait to purchase once soon. They added new characters, squads and made some old ones a bit different. i havent seen legitimate things entirely about the new codex, so i dont really have any idea of how awesome it is, but i know for a fact its awesomesauce.

Also thursday and friday i am going to be working on terrain for the store, and maybe work on some of my own figures. So if you are in the area, come by to paint, build, or talk and have fun. I need to get off now to get some much needed sleep...

Happy reading and I hope you got your 40k fill for now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to the Saturdays

Hey there bayhammer bloggers! today i just wanted to put some things, But first off if you have not checked it out, the black library came out with the thousand sons Horus Heresy book. I havent personally picked up the book but i am looking forward to reading it. It looks like it will be an amazing story.

Also, we are moving the schedule back to Saturdays, However this Friday I am going to start to help work on terrain. If you are in the area and want to make terrain with me and Sean, please drop by, it would be much appreciated. Other than that, forgeworld is coming out with some new imperial guard and ork models. And im still looking forward to the new blood angels codex. until next time bloggers. -Ian