Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bay Hammer Contest!

That's right, its July 1st so that means the Bay Hammer Radio Chaos Tyranids contest is officially on. If you have already listened to the show you might have already started but for the rest of you here we go.

First of a simple explanation, back when BoLs ran an article saying that they had heard that there might be a new 40k race in the works I laughed and turned to my friend and said "I think its going to be chaos Tyranids" needless to say the joke spiraled out of control until the Chaos Tyranids became the official Bay Hammer radio mascots.

So here's the pitch, what do you think a Chaos tyranid would look like, if you think your idea is worth the chance to wine $30 worth of GW products (basically any set valued up to) then here are a few simple rules to go by when painting/modeling your entry.

First off you have to be a follower on the blog.

1. Can be any current or past Tyranid model except ripper swarms, though if doing a scene piece they can be included
2.must feature Chaos Iconography of some kind and or mutation
3.must be in Chaos Colors it doesn't matter which chaos god you pick so run wild
4.Models do not have to be on a scenic/flocked base, though feel free to do so. must submit at least 2 progress photos along with the final product
6.All entry's must be submitted by August 1st

Submit all entry's to

And that's it, let your imaginations run wild with this one and try and have some fun with it. Oh one last thing, if you win and so kindly decide to mail us the model you will get the very first Bay Hammer Radio Tshirt (autographed by request but seriously this thing will look cool on its own) So get those entry's started and good luck.


BH Senior Editor

if there are no entry's at the end of the month we will donate what we would have spent on the prize to the American Veterans Association.

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