Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mid week update and Contest Reminder

Hey all its been a slow week and there hasn't been much brewing on the events calender so Ill just continue with the project list for now. Over the last few days I have been down in the octagon over at Legends working on the scenery and the game tables, exciting I know and your just dying for more details, however yet again my camera had other plans and we are left with a scant poorly lit snap of two of the CoD buildings I was working on. That being said you'll want to move on down the page to see the contest reminder.

For those of you that missed it the contest is still open for entry's and we are still offering $30 worth of GW merchandise. So get converting and start getting those progress photos sent in to If you haven't heard about the contest you can read all about it here

I would like to thank our sponsor WCC West Coast Comics and Collectibles for providing prize support for this event.

Good Luck


BH Senior Editor

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