Friday, July 3, 2009

Look What I got

Well thanks to WCC I got my Planet Strike order today rather then wait the extra 24 hours, I of course as with any kit I get, took it home and started build/painting/drybrushing and I have to say once you get the bastion all put together it really is a stunning model, the down side is you need about 3 of them to play an actual game and even at 22 dollars a piece through WCC I just dont have the spare cash, so this one will be used for small games and for larger ones at Legends.

I was going to send some stuff over to the guys at Hogs Of War but as usual my camera just wasent going to have any of that so instead I will tell you some fun facts I found in the PS book

-small plastic rectangle piece in bastion is actually a trap door
-GW recycled alot of imagery
-The size of a decent game is 2k pts
-like cities of death PS uses several stratagrams and loadouts
-possible additional terrain spotted (I dont care what you people say let me have hope for an indomitable fortress)

Well thats the short list I am as I type skimming over the book so expect something much more detailed when I have more time to sit down and write out a full review.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor

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  1. Nice! Really looking forward to building and painting this kit out!