Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planetstrike 4th of July Quickie

This was originally going to be my response to Jester but it got so long winded that I figured I might as well post it where you all could read it.

its been fun but now having skimmed the book I can honestly say that if you have friend that bought it, don't bother, now not to say it doesn't have some interesting stuff, but there is only about an hour, two hours tops worth of material to learn and most of that is dedicated to pretty pictures and CoD esc stratagems, and a bit of background fluff, now thats not to say I am not enjoying whats been supplied, I am just saying either buy at discount if you can or just go off the store copy if you dont intend to play regularly. If your FLGS keeps a store copy all well in good, if your looking to maximize your game grab the book. The bastion was a fun build but as stated your best bet is to get the strong point set when it comes out (through WCC naturally at $70) to play a PS game with anything less then 2 bastions and 3 defense lines is to have a rather short and limited experience.

Happy 4th

BH Senior Editor


  1. Yes, I was a little disappointed,


  2. I have to say it was like chewing that really fruity gum, at first theres a refreshing burst of flavor but 10-20 minutes in it starts to fade away to a bland taste.

  3. How unfortunate. I can see how not having appropriate terrain can make the game nothing more than regular 40k with different FOC's.