Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Round Up

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Saturday was of course uneventful, both in part because of it being the 4th and some internal communication errors, Sunday however I managed to get an unplanned game in, or I should say 2 turns of a game in. Most of Sunday was spent down in the Octagon over at Legends re surfacing the terrain tables and painting up most of the buildings and such. Other then that though not much going on but stay tuned, Bay Hammer Radio will be coming to you live in another week or so to cover planetstrike and the 3rd wave of IG and possibly talk about some tips and tactics when playing, or going up against a horde army.

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Unfortunetly we could only play about 2 turns but here are some pics from my game on sunday, we where both fielding about 1100 points, I of course was using my oh so trusty AoBR Dark Angels and Bryce had of course brought out the hord. By the end of turn 2 I had killed 3 of his boys, 4 storm boyz and immobilised and partialy disabled his Kan, I lost two termies but the game is yet to be resolved and we do plan to pick it back up at a later date. Over all it was fun to finaly play against some of his armie and try out the new board (which he had just finished painting that morning)

Photos provided by Bryce and his mI-phone

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