Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Not Dead

well the last few weeks have been hectic and I have found myself with little personal time but I promised myself I would get a post off tonight.

Alright so just a quick update the contest entry deadline is Aug 1st for the chaos tyranids kitbash submissions. you can still get your entries in. I also have been talking with our up and coming southern californa reporter who should be comming on the team soon.

Again I appologise for the lack of updates and hope to get everything sorted as soon as possible so hang in there while I get everything back on track.


BH Senior editor

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mid week update and Contest Reminder

Hey all its been a slow week and there hasn't been much brewing on the events calender so Ill just continue with the project list for now. Over the last few days I have been down in the octagon over at Legends working on the scenery and the game tables, exciting I know and your just dying for more details, however yet again my camera had other plans and we are left with a scant poorly lit snap of two of the CoD buildings I was working on. That being said you'll want to move on down the page to see the contest reminder.

For those of you that missed it the contest is still open for entry's and we are still offering $30 worth of GW merchandise. So get converting and start getting those progress photos sent in to If you haven't heard about the contest you can read all about it here

I would like to thank our sponsor WCC West Coast Comics and Collectibles for providing prize support for this event.

Good Luck


BH Senior Editor

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Your Local Game Store:
Saturday was of course uneventful, both in part because of it being the 4th and some internal communication errors, Sunday however I managed to get an unplanned game in, or I should say 2 turns of a game in. Most of Sunday was spent down in the Octagon over at Legends re surfacing the terrain tables and painting up most of the buildings and such. Other then that though not much going on but stay tuned, Bay Hammer Radio will be coming to you live in another week or so to cover planetstrike and the 3rd wave of IG and possibly talk about some tips and tactics when playing, or going up against a horde army.

A Word From our Sponsors:
WCC now has all planet strike kits and book in stock at there usual 25% off so if you are on the fence about picking up a set or grabbing the rule book I suggest having a browse through there inventory, at $18 for the book and $22 for the Bastion you are getting a hell of a deal, and keep an eye out for the new Land Speeder Storm and Ironclad Dreadnought on advance order soon. Nobody can beat WCC in value and price so check them out today

Unfortunetly we could only play about 2 turns but here are some pics from my game on sunday, we where both fielding about 1100 points, I of course was using my oh so trusty AoBR Dark Angels and Bryce had of course brought out the hord. By the end of turn 2 I had killed 3 of his boys, 4 storm boyz and immobilised and partialy disabled his Kan, I lost two termies but the game is yet to be resolved and we do plan to pick it back up at a later date. Over all it was fun to finaly play against some of his armie and try out the new board (which he had just finished painting that morning)

Photos provided by Bryce and his mI-phone

BH Senior Editor

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planetstrike 4th of July Quickie

This was originally going to be my response to Jester but it got so long winded that I figured I might as well post it where you all could read it.

its been fun but now having skimmed the book I can honestly say that if you have friend that bought it, don't bother, now not to say it doesn't have some interesting stuff, but there is only about an hour, two hours tops worth of material to learn and most of that is dedicated to pretty pictures and CoD esc stratagems, and a bit of background fluff, now thats not to say I am not enjoying whats been supplied, I am just saying either buy at discount if you can or just go off the store copy if you dont intend to play regularly. If your FLGS keeps a store copy all well in good, if your looking to maximize your game grab the book. The bastion was a fun build but as stated your best bet is to get the strong point set when it comes out (through WCC naturally at $70) to play a PS game with anything less then 2 bastions and 3 defense lines is to have a rather short and limited experience.

Happy 4th

BH Senior Editor

Friday, July 3, 2009

Look What I got

Well thanks to WCC I got my Planet Strike order today rather then wait the extra 24 hours, I of course as with any kit I get, took it home and started build/painting/drybrushing and I have to say once you get the bastion all put together it really is a stunning model, the down side is you need about 3 of them to play an actual game and even at 22 dollars a piece through WCC I just dont have the spare cash, so this one will be used for small games and for larger ones at Legends.

I was going to send some stuff over to the guys at Hogs Of War but as usual my camera just wasent going to have any of that so instead I will tell you some fun facts I found in the PS book

-small plastic rectangle piece in bastion is actually a trap door
-GW recycled alot of imagery
-The size of a decent game is 2k pts
-like cities of death PS uses several stratagrams and loadouts
-possible additional terrain spotted (I dont care what you people say let me have hope for an indomitable fortress)

Well thats the short list I am as I type skimming over the book so expect something much more detailed when I have more time to sit down and write out a full review.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bay Hammer Contest!

That's right, its July 1st so that means the Bay Hammer Radio Chaos Tyranids contest is officially on. If you have already listened to the show you might have already started but for the rest of you here we go.

First of a simple explanation, back when BoLs ran an article saying that they had heard that there might be a new 40k race in the works I laughed and turned to my friend and said "I think its going to be chaos Tyranids" needless to say the joke spiraled out of control until the Chaos Tyranids became the official Bay Hammer radio mascots.

So here's the pitch, what do you think a Chaos tyranid would look like, if you think your idea is worth the chance to wine $30 worth of GW products (basically any set valued up to) then here are a few simple rules to go by when painting/modeling your entry.

First off you have to be a follower on the blog.

1. Can be any current or past Tyranid model except ripper swarms, though if doing a scene piece they can be included
2.must feature Chaos Iconography of some kind and or mutation
3.must be in Chaos Colors it doesn't matter which chaos god you pick so run wild
4.Models do not have to be on a scenic/flocked base, though feel free to do so. must submit at least 2 progress photos along with the final product
6.All entry's must be submitted by August 1st

Submit all entry's to

And that's it, let your imaginations run wild with this one and try and have some fun with it. Oh one last thing, if you win and so kindly decide to mail us the model you will get the very first Bay Hammer Radio Tshirt (autographed by request but seriously this thing will look cool on its own) So get those entry's started and good luck.


BH Senior Editor

if there are no entry's at the end of the month we will donate what we would have spent on the prize to the American Veterans Association.