Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Death company Stormlord!

Hey there! I decided to buy myself a Stormlord and make it my own by having it taken by death company. when i modeled it i took the I.G tank commander off and put on a death company marine with a jetpack (just to make it interesting) i thought it was quite funny.

I also have 15 more death company to put together, and using the stormlord as a transport is amazing, plus since the Stormlord counts as open topped, I can charge too, This will get me the most out of my assault when I do my armored rush since they gain those extra attacks when assaulting.

Also I am looking forward to Friday for our first broadcast of Bay Hammer radio at 6pm pst on ustream. Tune in to hear myself, Scott and D navigate their way through the airwaves.

Here is our link to ustream:

we look forward to seeing you guys tune in, see you then!

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