Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bay Hammer Radio Countdown

Less then 24 hours to go before BH radio goes live and my anxiety could not be higher. But small problems aside things are shaping up. The mixer is working perfectly, our Ustream page is set up and the comfy chairs in the studio have been assembled.

There are a few things I would like to point out before you tune in. First off as I have yet to get wind screens for the mics there is a soft hum, this will only effect the live broadcast and will be edited out of the podcast version.

Other then that (and only having two working mics) things are looking well for BH radios first show. Remember to sign in to ustream a few minutes early to make sure you are set up to use the live chat function.

Again the show starts at 6pm PST and can be viewed at our ustream page here.

Hope to see you there

BH Senior Editor


  1. first show? What happened to the TRAIN WRECK?! hahaha. good luck fella's.

  2. Touche lets just call this our comeback episode.